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Hello! My names Benjamin, and I like to think of my blog as the billboards of my mind. I like britney spears, Adele, JLS and other shit.
Oh, also, i love One Direction, but it's a secret, soo...
I love you. I also love her, my sister. ♥



can someone give me zayn and harry in a gift box for my birthday and i’ll love you forever, please sob

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What are your worst habits?

  • Louis: I have smelly feet.
  • Niall: I have a smelly bottom.
  • Louis: He does lots of trumps.
  • Zayn: What's mine?
  • Louis: Being late. What's Liam's?
  • Zayn: Not partying enough. What's Harry's?
  • Louis: That if he's talking to a girl, basically you have no chance of getting in on the conversation. It's like he's in his own little world.
  • Liam: Harry has lots of secret celebrity phone numbers and we find out about them later. We'll see something in the paper and be like, "What's going on here?" And he'll be like, "Oh, it's Gary from Take That or whoever, don't worry about it." He's the biggest celeb flirt in the world.
  • He certainly does have a way with the ladies, doesn't he.......
  • Zayn: He's just charming.
  • Liam: He's a cheeky little lad, isn't he? Well, he's not really that little, but you know what I mean.